I’m an Argentine man, one of the thousands of Mate’s fan here in my country, where putting the water on the fire when you wake up is like cleaning your teeth in the morning. You never forget to do it, it is a really strong habits for us.

I’m so lucky to have Mate as a part of the culture here, for many reasons. I could say mate increases my quality of life:

1) Economic and durable drink.
2) You can get it anywhere.
3) You can share it with almost everybody.
4) Because of their ingredients, it keeps you awake!
5) Great for reading, study.
6) Generates a connection with other people.
7) Highly digestive.

Let’s talk a bit about my personal experiences: I started to officially drink mate at the age of 18, when I started college. You can possibly be one of those (minority) who don’t drink mate from childhood, but when you start college, you will be bound to taste it because classmates are gonna give you mate when time to study comes, and you’ll definitely see its benefits for yourself!

After college I didn’t stop drinking it, and as long as I can, I do. Young people become addicted to it! Hahaha, which makes me happy, since Mate is completely healthy!

I know that if you have never tried it,

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you may read my words and say, “oh my god all that over just a drink?” And I say, just try Mate and see that it is not just a drink, it’s a lifestyle… :)