5 Reasons Why You Should Purchase a Glass Yerba Mate Set

A few weeks ago, I received a glass Yerba Mate gourd and bombilla set from a self-taught glassblower, Derek Dayan. After Derek explained to me why he chose to make this glass set, opposed to drinking out of a traditional calabash gourd and metal bombilla setup, I knew that I had to review it.

The glass set has many positives:

  • Easy to wash
  • Transparent view of Mate
  • Aesthetically  pleasing
  • Smooth filtration (after 1-2 pulls)
  • Stable base

The five reasons above could make anyone interested in purchasing a set. But, it’s also important to note the negatives:

  • Fragile
  • Hard to clean (in terms of getting Yerba out of gourd)
  • Possible issues with heat (I haven’t encountered any, but with glass, it’s possible)

To purchase this Glass Yerba Mate Kit ($30 with shipping + handling) please email [email protected]


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